Thank you for your interest in Extraordinary League’s community service program. This initiative provides opportunities for members of Extraordinary League to service local communities and residents.

In the spirit of improvement and commitment to public development, Extraordinary League is providing clean up services to communities throughout the metro area of Atlanta. Through the Health and Development section of the H.E.D.S. initiative, Extraordinary League sets out to not only clean up, but to help develop the community’s awareness of maintaining a healthy and clean environment.



Extraordinary League targets high traffic areas where littering occurs the most and where residents pass through frequently. This will provide residents with an opportunity to possibly come out and join in the clean up. In addition, it also will allow residents of the community to visually see others caring about the community and helping keep it clean.

Members and supporters of Extraordinary League will be expected to arrive on time and wear Extraordinary League paraphernalia in an effort to show their presence in the community. In addition, members and supporters may be asked to pass out flyers to notify the community of the initiative and provide them an opportunity to assist in our effort to preserve a healthy and clean environment.