Health, Education, Development, & Sports

The implementation of H.E.D.S., Health, Education, Development, and Sports program, is simply the beginning of EL’s effort to combat the issues that negatively affect urban youth.

Arts for Education

As a part of its Education Initiative, Extraordinary League hosted a wine tasting affair that involved poetry readings, live jazz and beautiful pieces of art that complimented the mood of the evening. By hosting the Arts for Education event to raise funds, Extraordinary League was able to handout its first scholarship, which was awarded to a high school graduate from the Class of 2010. The scholarship will now be awarded annually and will be funded by donations from the Arts for Education affair.



Tutoring Program

Extraordinary League will begin tutoring underserved students in the Decatur/Lithonia area. The initial focus will be on the state mandated standardized tests. Elementary school students will be targeted for assistance on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT). Middle school aged students will also be focused on receiving assistance on the same test. High school students will have multiple focuses. First, specific End-of-Course-Tests (EOCT) preparation will be provided for certain courses. Then, support will be provided for all parts of the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT). All of this will be done with hopes that continued assistance will prove beneficial in regards to student test scores.



Spring Walk the Run Way “Youth Edition”

On February 19, 2011 Extraordinary League hosted a pageant for deserving young girls. The young ladies received manicures, their hair was done and their make-up was done all by a professional cosmetologist!

A Extraordinary Day

Extraordinary League’s H.E.D.S. initiative ( Health, Education, Development and Sports) will be sponsoring a family and friends day to be held annually at a selected local park. This event will include sporting activities, board games and food. This extraordinary day is intended to bring the community together, promote healthier living and encourage outdoor activities that have been neglected with the advent of video games, social media, and recreational internet use.

Extraordinary League strives to educate the community on healthier lifestyle choices that can be fun, affordable, and inherently communal and Extraordinary Day does so through the tools of exercise and nutrition. The day kicks off with a kickball game providing at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, the minimum recommended by health professionals to help combat heart disease and pulmonary ailments, which disproportionately affect our communities. Extraordinary League will also be preparing lean meats and vegetables for those who come out for Extraordinary Day, as well as a hands on guide on how to prepare these types of meals at home as alternatives to fattier foods that can lead to a variety of health problems over time.